Completed DeFi KYC

Exponential Capital

Exponential Capital is a farm-trade-seed-as-a-service Token on the Ethereum Mainnet.
The EXPO token represents a proportion of the profits in Exponential Capital. It is intended give members of the decentralised community fund exposure to a wide range of crypto assets that will generate passive income and capital growth through profits returned in the form of reflections, token buy backs and dividends.

Individual(s) KYC'd: Contract Owner / Developer
KYC Date: February 10th, 2022
Verification Methods: Video Interview, Identification and Address Verification, Database Lookup, Deployer/Owner Wallet Verification
List Lookups: No matches were found from Sanctions, Fitness Probity, or Politically Exposed Person lists.

EXPO Contact Information:

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  • Twitter: @EXPO_Capital
  • Telegram: Telegram
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