How Does it Work?

  1. We establish contact with the project team.
  2. KYC information is requested. Once requested, information must be provided within 12 hours to prevent fraud.
  3. The project team is referred to our partner's enhanced verification system.
  4. Additional follow up, such as a video call, may be requested.
  5. Clients receive a certification by our team, accessible on our site, proving their KYC information was collected.
  6. The certification will then be posted on Twitter so project teams can easily share their verification status with their community.
  7. If a KYC'd client performs intentially malicious actions resulting in loss of users' funds, the client's KYC information will be forwarded to a relevant law enforcement body.

KYC Capital - DeFi KYC Service

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  • Assurance for Investors

    Knowing the project team has been KYC'd, investors can have increased confidence in knowing any malicious actions by the team will result in their information being provide to law enforcement.

  • Added Legitimacy

    Project teams may proudly display our certification to decrease uncertianty around the team's intentions.

  • Compliance

    KYC'd teams are more likely to comply with any laws or regulations in their home country.

Active Partners

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